My late Father Haji Abdul Aziz passed away in 2009. This was very depressing for me as he was a great personality who was very educated and intelligent. He was a people’s person and loved by the community. So I decided back then that I shall one day set up a trust under his name and make an Orphanage. Now by the grace of God with my hard work and effort I have a registered charity. And my journey begins….


How SSAT Ark Trust started : this is going back 2011 where I heard a bad news of my uncle passing away in Pakistan he left his 6 vulnerable children without a mother who had passed away 10 years ago previous to that. I was at my sisters when she told me she heard this bad news, I was heading home in the car and crying to God that make me a strong person and make me capable person to help these young orphans. I prayed everyday so we decided to all call one of the sisters over and she got married to my brother now allhumdulillah they are happily married with two boys. The other sister from all our family support is married too. I felt that I should one day set up a charity where I could help orphans and vulnerable women.


I grew up listening and learning about Prophet stories, what stood out and captured my eyes the most was Prophet Noah’s Ark. I was so overwhelmed and ever since my childhood and up to now I feel that I have to make this a history for the world today. I decided I want to make an Ark Orphanage which will have a great impact on the children and so they will remember the Prophet Noah’s life story.