Abdul Aziz Project

We are in the making of a Mosque in Sohawa Pakistan.

This will give our children access to learn about Islam and the Quran. We will have qualified Islamic teachers both male female to deliver education to students.

There will also be opportunity for students to do hifz.

A majority of our projects fall completely in line with our key objectives. Abdul Aziz Project strives to maintain a mutually beneficial partnership with organizations, businesses and community groups belonging to the healthcare, welfare, and educational areas of the economy. Our projects are geared to tackle any and all issues concerning the wellbeing and future of every identified orphan child. We try and ensure that every essential need of such children, including their dietary and healthcare needs, is met.


As described in the OUR PROGRAMS section, we provide an extensive level of support in different areas to ensure a concrete, noticeable and favorable impact. Over the years, our workers and partners have dedicated their time and effort to fulfill a variety of projects as described below. The team effort showcased in each of these projects not only helps orphans in need of support, but also facilitates the rebuilding and remodeling process of an entire community.


● Clothes For Orphan
● Pennies For Poor Project
● Sponsor Studies
● Provide a shelter
● Donation


Clothes For Orphan

The Clothes For Orphan Project is concerned with the collection of usable clothes/shoes and their distribution among orphan children. This project has been critical in serving several communities where orphans were deprived of appropriate articles of clothing in harsh weather conditions.


Pennies For Poor Project

Several households have a substantial amount of currency in the form of coins, with little to no plan regarding their utilization. As a fundraising platform, our Pennies For Poor Project collects Coins, Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, and Quarters to improve the lives of those who need help and support. This project helps Orphan Life Foundation improve the living conditions in poor communities, improving their economic standing and providing them with the means to fulfill the essential needs of the children in their care.


Sponsor Studies

You can transform a child’s life for good when you become a sponsor with Abdul Aziz Project. We believes that all children should have an equal chance to thrive. Your sponsorship will make a huge difference to a girl or boy in need – ensuring they have enough to eat, an education and hope for the future. As their only sponsor, you’ll have a special relationship with your sponsored child. You’ll receive photos, handwritten messages and regular updates from their community.


You can choose where you sponsor a child, as well as their age and gender — or you can leave it to our team to decide which communities are in greatest need. It only takes a few minutes to become a child sponsor, but you could change a child’s life forever.


Protection of Children

When placing children in their new homes, we carefully interview prospective guardians, and make regular home visits. All our staff and volunteers must adhere to our strict child protection policy; we run ongoing training to ensure our team understands and meets its child protection responsibilities. That means there is a clear process for staff and volunteers to report any breaches of our child protection policy.


All the donations received by Abdul Aziz Project are used to support the 2000 people that we work with each year. Irrespective of the amount you are planning to donate, your money will help us make a lasting impact in the lives of people who need it the most.

● By Paypal:
● Direct Deposit
● Direct Debit
● Bank Transfer
● Cheques


Online Fundraising: Make a donation now by this link. The online donation made through these medium are 100% safe and easy-to-use.